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Diagnostic services

Individual and team services in:

  • Consulting

  • Leadership and sales personas

Current scope of persona insights includes:

  • Mindset of success

  • Performance style

  • Individual and team interpersonal styles

  • Current state competencies 

  • Habits  

Technology enabled by Porter.AI

TAIS is a psychometric tool that is used as a baseline evaluation to both self-assess and apply personality to work performance.TAIS assessment provides insights into cognitive and interpersonal behaviours and is a building block to a leader's performance. 

Through a self-report questionnaire that measures twenty different concentration skills, personal and interpersonal attributes,TAIS allows leaders to asses and understand their attentional style, leadership, communication, time management and social interactions. 

The TAIS profile assessment approach enables leaders to confirm personality style, understand how they perform under pressure and develop plans to enhance their work capabilities in high stress and change environments. 

LISA W. HAYDON is a TAIS Certified Professional.
Please contact Lisa for a sample report.


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