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Infographic: In the Face of Adversity
Our survey found leaders aren’t getting the support they need

Business owners and leaders today continue to fight for the survival of their companies and protect the jobs of their people. How does the individual leader find support in what is probably their most critical leadership mandate?
The pressure on leaders was immense, and unrelenting. Now, months later, it drags on. The pressures and situations may be different, there is still uncertainty and stress and seemingly without end. Leadership today is especially lonely, acutely tumultuous and incredibly hard.
We were curious: in the face of this adversity, would others see that, too? We turned to Knorket and Dave Veale, founder and CEO of Vision Coaching Inc for help. Here’s what our data and insights showed us:
To read more about data and insights from the survey, read our In the Face of Adversity Article
Thank you to Vision Coaching and Knorket.AI for partnering with us to gather the data and insights for this article!
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