Pivotal Coaching and Lisa W. Haydon have a proven history for empowering action, execution, and results.

Pivotal Coaching provides differentiated custom professional services in the areas of business growth and leadership development.

We provide high quality and tranformational engagements with vision, goals, process, resources, reporting and results.

Key Programs include

Pivotal Leadership

The immediate growth opportunity for a business is to turn their attention and resources to the leadership team. Leadership effectiveness is a competitive advantage that’s difficult to replicate. Pivotal Leadership combines leadership assessments, one-on-one, team or group coaching, workshops and mentoring for customized and individualized leader development. Focusing on leadership development is an emerging management tactic to support achieving your business objectives.

Great leadership needs our constant attention.

Leaders are made not born.




Pivotal Selling leverages leading sales processes and a performance coaching methodology to drive sales results. We take technical coaching broader to realize sustained change in the sales professional. Pivotal Selling customizes sales style assessments, one-on-one coaching, team coaching, workshops and mentoring to your revenue goals and needs. 

Making a sale is like being a professional athlete. It takes mindset, skills training, discipline, a good coach, mastering your craft and repetitive practice.




The Leading Growth Program combines leadership and revenue growth to boost sales results for a company. The learning and development opportunity of this Program focuses on leadership impact, leading growth and sales effectiveness. We combine leadership and sales assessments, one-to-one coaching, team coaching and workshops to support development of your company’s leadership and sales capabilities.  

Our programs have a methodology that embeds success mindset, skill development, and execution for results

Leadership is a driver of growth.


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