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People performance strategy, frameworks and insights for accelerated results.

Unlike other diagnostic tools on the market, Pivotal Coaching goes beyond simply testing personality traits and skills; we dig deep to explore each team member's level of self-knowledge and awareness regarding who they are, how they show up and how they do their best work. By combining our traditional consultative approach and frameworks with the latest technology we can provide actionable insights faster and more cost effectively than others.  

Using KnorketAI  enabled platform, Pivotal Coaching’s suite of Diagnostic Tools provides a comprehensive view of the attitudes, capabilities and competencies of your entire team around leadership and sales effectiveness. More importantly, we identify the gaps and provide development recommendations to address them. Finally, we believe that the true strength of any diagnostic tool is the impact it has on results.

Pivotal Coaching currently offers diagnostics in:


Our clients tell us the diagnostics are easy and enjoyable to do. They particularly like the business focused question style. Our detailed Diagnostic reports not only provide actionable insights but also features key indicator scores that can be monitored and measured over time.

We bring people insights to optimize your people investment, focus and results.

Our Diagnostics are enabled through Porter.AI’s technology platform.

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Our customers bought Pivotal Diagnostics because:

You can't be a successful leader if you don't know how you show up. You also can't improve if you don't have a baseline.

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