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Introducing The Pivotal Leadership diagnostics

Leadership and performance develop, or falter, when teams are tested. We can help you test for the data and insights that show how they will perform.

• What if there were a way to get team data to back up your gut instinct?  

• What if you could get data that gives certainty in knowing who your employees are today? 

Let us help you connect the human side of your company and the business side of performance.

We have changed. Our teams and business cultures are evolving as we respond and adapt to working in rapidly changing business environments. Given you know your team so well, you trust your intuition about what is best for the company and for them. Working from home and new business imperatives may see you less confident in how well you know your team.

The Pivotal Leadership Diagnostic is our proprietary diagnostic tool designed for corporations to gather people insights and expand leadership capacity. The technology enabled methodology results in both a qualitative analysis (mindset, capabilities and competencies) and quantitative analysis (baseline, benchmarks, dashboard). 

Our diagnostic was developed with data driven performance insights to help companies understand a leadership team’s capacity to lead and drive performance. As leaders face more responsibility, particularly as companies and teams are now presented with increased business operations obstacles, our diagnostic product is designed to deliver insights and results

Leaders see the importance of investing in people, investing strategically in their learning & development. Time, budget and the right decisions become an imperative. That’s why Pivotal Coaching built this diagnostics tool to help create customized leadership development programs and grow strong teams.

Contact us at to trial. 

Our Diagnostics leverage Knorket.AI’s cloud platform.  

Our customers bought Pivotal Diagnostics because:

You can't be a successful leader if you don't know how you show up. You also can't improve if you don't have a baseline.

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