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Custom Feedback Product

A Pivotal Feedback Experience


"My curated 360-degree feedback journey was a deeply rewarding and educational experience. The process was seamless and compelling, so much so that the level of engagement from my peers and co-workers was astonishing, which in itself was truly gratifying.


The guidance in navigating and unpacking the feedback received was insightful and enhanced my understanding of my leadership skillset. Ultimately in my case, the process was enormously validating while at the same time delineating a roadmap for continuous and conscious improvement going forward. I would participate in Pivotal Coaching's program again without hesitation."


- Vivek Warrier, Law Firm Partner

    Custom Feedback Product

    • Custom feedback product including: 

      Pivotal Leadership Diagnostic Report, executive coach interpretation, 8-12 custom feedback questions, Leader Performance Report and debrief:

      • 30-minute planning call
      • 4-module Pivotal Leadership Diagnostic completed and including TAIS report
      • 90-minute debrief with confirmation of areas for feedback
      • Feedback question selection
      • Leader Performance Feedback diagnostic tool deployed. Up to 50 people provide qualitative and quantitative feedback
      • 90 minute report
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