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Owner of Financial Advisory Practice, Toronto, ON

I was initially skeptical about how engaging with a coach would improve my 'results' but I decided to take the chance with Lisa.  After only a very limited engagement, she opened up some insights about myself that have genuinely allowed me to become happier in all areas of my life.  I have taken on new projects that were seemingly stalled for years, created clarity around the things that I do and why I do them and in a very short period of time have helped me grow my business results exponentially.  

As a professional that has spent time generating business herself, she understood that I needed to measure my ROI on working with her.   In the past 6 months, I stand close to tripling my business which will be worth millions, and I'm more fulfilled. 

I am a believer.

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My time spent working with Lisa was invaluable toward the development of my career. She became my coach when I was hired for a Business Development role in the marketing industry. We worked together for 10 months and during that time Lisa’s vast experience in sales helped me to develop a framework for my own job. We focused on goal setting, skills development, and identifying areas of improvement for me professionally.

 I began working with Lisa while going through a major employment transition in my life and she has been exemplary to work with. Lisa creates a rapport that provides a highly confidential environment and she exhibits a unique sense of interest that allows for open and honest dialogue. Lisa has helped me prioritize what is important in my life and professionally. She creates a unique style of careful listening while sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience, and has been a vital resource to me.

Lisa asks all the right questions which lead me to sound decisions and I have found her to be one of the most insightful and sharpest Executive Coaches I have met in the business. It was a real pleasure to work with Lisa, and I would highly recommend her expertise!"

Kathleen Rayworth

Juliet Nicol

 I found Lisa to be one of the best partners that someone could have at work. She is passionate about making connections and ensuring that individuals, teams, and clients meet and exceed their goals. Lisa coached me in various business development opportunities as well as supported me in building out a strategy/plan for the work I was focused on.

She is proactive and action oriented and her coaching and advice were unparalleled because she took the time with me to listen, provide ideas, and suggestions for consideration. In working with Lisa, I learned a lot: new skills, new ways of approaching situations, and even new things about what I was able to tackle. Working with Lisa was a great experience and I look forward to continuing to connect with her in the future.

Jane Davies

Finding the right coach is not easy. I found Lisa so easy to talk to and so easy to trust.She was genuinely engaged in supporting my growth as a business owner. Her style is refreshing and positive. I felt enlightened after each session.

Vive Bridges

Lisa was instrumental in coaching me through two high profile job interviews I had recently. She helped me not only organize my thoughts and my overall story, but she also gave me great advice on how to remain calm throughout the process. I ended up getting the job I wanted so in my eyes she's a Rock star!

I would highly recommend her as an Executive Coach and I'm excited to see her business grow in the future! 

Susan MacQuarrie

I have known Lisa for many years and was fortunate enough recently to work with her as an Executive Coach.  Without a doubt, this is her calling. Lisa is genuine, professional, curious and positive. Her approach is comfortable and she has a way of making you feel completely at ease.  Her questions and comments are insightful and she has a real knack for first, getting you to identify the problem, and second, leading you to workable solutions. Her vision is inspiring and her support is unwavering.

It is truly my pleasure to recommend Lisa as an Executive Coach

Potential is realized when people see it in themselves and have the mindset to realize it


Lisa W. Haydon
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