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Who Has The Vision?

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Vision has many definitions and is used in different applications, personal and organizational are common.

At its root is a sponsor of the vision who has passion and engagement with it. When do you follow a vision? Yours or someone else’s? The power to see a vision is in the eyes of the creator.

Friends of ours recently bought a home to fix up. Their excitement in sharing the news was contagious. As I looked at the pictures of their fixer upper, I didn't see what they were so excited about. I couldn’t see their vision for the potential. This week my friend took me on a tour of current state of renovations. Demo has been done, reconfiguration complete, walls, paint and most of kitchen starting to take shape.

As we walked through, I caught back up to her enthusiasm for their new home. I now saw the vision for the home they saw so much potential for at a much earlier point. They have successfully taken their vision and created something beautiful! They have realized their vision. Vision can be personal, vision can evolve and your vision can be seen by others.

The journey to realize your vision takes time, patience and an investment in its development.

What vision inspires and drives you? What do you want to build a vision for?

For me, I have a vision of executive coaching being an ingrained part of change management and transformational change initiatives in organizations. There are many perceptions and barriers to overcome but I am full of conviction. I am willing to invest my time and patience to see where I can find traction in my vision. I am willing to patiently engage others to also see the potential and try it.

Your vision is yours and can be values based, results based, goal based, and intent based. It is yours to build and use for you. Others may not get it, you may not get buy in from everyone and it may get some criticism. A vision is yours to define, work on and realize. Don't let your vision get undermined. We all see things differently and that's when interesting things happen.

Have a vision. Own it. Work on it. It’s yours to realize.


Lisa W. Haydon is the President and Founder of Pivotal Coaching Inc. She left her comfortable corporate career several years ago to follow her passion of helping people realize their potential and companies to realize high performance. Lisa is a growth focused entrepreneur, leadership development consultant and certified executive coach. To her clients, she brings business experience with prestigious corporations and continuous education. Lisa’s work in business operations and B to B sales expertise allowed her to create a differentiated coaching model and client experience. Lisa and Pivotal Coaching are known for 1:1 and cohort Programs in leadership development and sales effectiveness.


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